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Junior tennis ball machine

Tennis ball machines are not the only way to improve your game, but with the ease of portability and new user-friendly programming features, ball machines have quickly become the favorite training method of teaching pros around the world.

Do It Tennis currently carries three brands of tennis ball machines including Playmate, Tennis Tutor, and Lobster; all of which have great customer service departments and whose machines are protected by manufacturer’s warrantees.

What to Look For

When purchasing a tennis ball machine, pay particular attention to the machine`s tennis ball capacity, and player level accommodation.

Tennis Ball Capacity

Ball capacity varies by machine from 18 balls, in child friendly models, to over 300 balls with three line feeds for adults. Selecting a machine with too little ball capacity could interrupt an intense practice session and too large of a ball capacity could result in wasted space or tennis balls that sit too long in the machine and become less buoyant. Tennis ball capacity is listed on all product description pages for easy identification.

Player Level

Player level is perhaps the most important factor when selecting a tennis ball machine, and although most machines have speed and interval variations, some do not.

Choosing a ball machine that is too advanced for your current level of play may be frustrating and overwhelming; especially if you are a new player. Choosing a machine that is too basic for your current level of play will leave you bored and unmotivated. Start with a tennis ball machine that matches your current skill level and upgrade your machine as you progress. Many manufacturers now offer upgrades so that your tennis ball machine will continue to challenge you, at the right level, as your skills improve. This type of product will increase the value of your investment.


Playmate tennis ball machines are known by retailers as the Mercedes-Benz of tennis ball machines. They have been manufacturing ball machines since 1973 and have consistently continued to upgrade and improve upon their design year after year. Playmate Serve-Lift, which is compatible with most Playmate tennis ball machines, lifts the machine to serve at a level that a live opponent would, providing a more natural interaction with your machine. The aircraft aluminum outer shell of Playmate machines makes them durable for transport.

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