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High School Tennis dresses

It’s that time of year again folks! Spring sports are rolling around, which for me means playing once again on my high school’s tennis team. I remember as a freshman, trying out for the team was intimidating! There is always a fear of rejection. But worry not young ladies! Paulina is here to save the day {cue superhero theme song}! :)


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1) Dress to impress.

> First impressions matter people. I best not be seeing you going to tryouts in your old J Biebs t shirt with holes and those frayed shorts you’ve had since you were ten. Wear sporty clothes that say, “look at me! I am athletic!”. It will get the coaches attention right away and give them a solid first look at you. But on the same idea, don’t overdo it. When I go to tennis tournaments, if my first opponent is sporting a new tennis dress, a Vera Bradley tennis bag, and smiles when she looks at me, I know I already won. I advise against dresses for tryouts. If you must look girly, go for a skirt!


> I don’t care if you swing and miss every ball that comes your way, if you put your game face on and run around that court like you mean it, coaches will notice! They would rather a crop of newbie players who are willing to train then some mediocre players who just want to join a sports team. Jog in place a bit before hitting the courts, adjust your strings, look serious!

3) Watch others.

> Ever heard the phrase “fake it till you make it”? So, lets say you aren’t a particularly good player. Mimicking things that good players do can definitely help you out. Spend time watching pro matches on TV or on YouTube before tryouts. Copy some signature things like: wiping off with a towel, bouncing around before points, swaying side to side and bending while returning a serve, fist pumping after a good point, etc.

4) Practice makes perfect.

> If you are a regular tennis player, good for you! Keep up with your tennis routine {or perhaps add some more days} when tryouts are approaching. Try to squeeze in some practice singles matches with fellow players if you can. If you don’t frequently pick up a tennis racquet, I advise you do so before trying out. Go to class at your local club or just spend some time hitting/serving to a backboard or your friend.

5) Be nice!

> If you are amazing, that’s great. If you are terrible, well that’s not so great. But whatever type of player you are, be NICE! Coaches and fellow players will see that. Don’t be arrogant, don’t be mopey, be someone that everyone will want on their team. :)

Any readers trying out for their school’s tennis team? What other sports do you ladies play? I’d love to know!

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