Dog tennis ball thrower Automatic - Tennis Review

Dog tennis ball thrower Automatic

Hot sell dog ball thrower /dog

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GoDogGo ProCover
protects Fetch Machine when not in use &
a perfect addition to GoDogGo Fetch Machine.

  1. How to Use GoDogGo® Fetch Machine:
  2. Select power type: AC Adapter or Battery power
  3. Adjust launch distance (Low, Med, High) to launch ball up to 40+ft
  4. Set launch interval of 4, 7 or 15 seconds
  5. Fill bucket or use only1 ball depending on fetch style
  6. Choose your dog's style of play:
  • Continuous launching/fetching at 4, 7 or 15 second intervals when bucket fully loaded
  • Use a single ball for return to wide-mouth bucket for independent dog fetch
  • Owner controlled launching with remote control to play along or for behavior training

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"We play 3 times a day!"

"Fantastic product and my dog is loving it."

"Our yellow lab is in love with his machine!"

"its a great invention, well made and fun!"

"My pitty loves it more than life itself."

"We are daily "GDG'ers" thanks again for the many happy hours."

"A superior functioning automatic ball launcher for dogs, my dog loves it!"

"The best game of dog fetch EVER!"

GoDogGo keeps Fido fetching while you play along,
give your arm a rest, get yard work done...
or simply relax!

Playing Fetch with your dog has become a lot easier, and a lot more fun!

GoDogGo Fetch Machine is the answer for relentless ball and fetch crazed dogs that can never get enough play time. Our revolutionary game of fetch and patented interactive dog ball toy allows GoDogGo automatic ball thrower to be customer set to dog's ability and exercise rate. GoDogGo keeps Fido busy, happy and in good health. Customers continue to rave about GoDogGo through testimonials and tell us not only how much their dog LOVES GoDogGo automatic tennis ball launcher, but also that it saved their arm and soon became their active dog's favorite ball activity while keeping them busy and most of all…HAPPY.

"Thank you for this life saver. It took our dog a a few times to show him how it works. He loves it!"

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Canine Hardware Inc Chuckit Pocket Tennis Ball Launcher
Pet Products (Canine Hardware Inc)
  • Package quantity is 1
  • Assorted Colors (Color may vary)
Tianhong Cute Dog Traning Tennis Ball Launcher Thrower Chucker Toy Pets Pet Outdoor Active Long Lobber
Pet Products (Tianhong)
  • 100% Brand new and high quality.
  • Colours Supplied at Random
  • Tennis Ball Included
  • Lightweight & Easy To Use
  • Easily Scope Ball From The Floor

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