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High School Tennis practice drills


I remember growing up that I would get bored practicing ball handling drills. I felt like I did the same drills over and over (at that time, I didn’t realize the importance of repetition and that doing drills over and over was what you were suppose to do.)

Slowly, I started finding new drills. My dad would introduce me to a new drill, I would learn one from a coach, or I would watch a drill online. Tews School of Basketball’s drills consist of ideas from many different people and places, and I can take credit for very few drills that I actually made up myself.

This is what I would encourage other players to do. Get yourself a notebook that you use only for basketball (I will be blogging about this soon) and write down drills that you learn. You think that you will remember them, but I promise you won’t. In this notebook, you can draw the drills out and make notes that will help you remember the specifics. Having these drills wrote down will allow you to refer back to them when you are feeling bored with your regular drills.

I found out about the tennis ball series shown in this video by watching a YouTube video done by Steve Nash. I wrote down the drills and started practicing. I went from messing up every time, to just messing up sometimes. Now, tennis ball drills are part of Tews School of Basketball, and I find myself teaching them to not only high school-aged kids, but even to my middle-aged group (4th-7th graders). They are fun and challenging and something unusual to basketball.

Ball handling can be fun if we continually switch things up. Doing different drills helps us improve in unique ways!

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