US Open Tennis baggage check - Tennis Review

US Open Tennis baggage check

Check a bag at the U.S. Open

Event Overview: The US Open Tennis Championship is an annual event which lasts two weeks in August and September. A variety of men's and women's categories are held in several different US Open NYC venues at the USTA National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows. As one of the world's premier sporting events, each US Open match is watched by an enthusiastic live crowd and played on television for viewers all over the globe.

What to Expect: By far the best tennis in NYC to watch is the US Open Tennis Championship. Guests of this event have many opportunities to see top-notch players in the tournament matches.

  • Two Matches Per Day: Various events such as Men's Singles, Men's Doubles, Women's Singles, Women's Doubles, and Mixed Doubles take place throughout the two-week US Open Tennis Tournament, with these matches starting at 11am and 7pm most days, at different venues in the USTA National Tennis Center.
  • Activities Besides Best in Tennis: While the US Open NYC is best known for having the best tennis tournaments, there are other fun events to attend as well, such as kids' day in August, followed by the three-day qualifying tournament, and the one-day practice tournament before the US Open.

Inside Knowledge: The US Open Tennis Tournament has evolved since 1881 when it was called the US Championships. This two-week event included sports games and entertainment in Rhode Island, then changed locations to Pennsylvania, and finally became the US Open NYC currently hosted in Flushing. Over the years tournament events and categories have changed, as well as the incentive and cost to hold the event. Every year, the Open NYC had over 600 men and women competing for $25 million in prize money and expects both numbers to continue to rise in upcoming years of US Open tennis.

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