Tops tennis shoes for nurses - Tennis Review

Tops tennis shoes for nurses

Top Rated Nursing ShoesThe profession of nursing, like so many others in the healthcare industry, entails standing for extended periods of time. Fortunately we have an extensive collection of the top nursing shoes on the market and slip resistant shoes for women, with a wide selection in every style and price range. There’s nothing worse than sore or aching feet mid way through one of your long shifts.

Unlike most other shoes, including sneakers and sports footwear, quality shoes that are designed specifically for medical profession like nursing are:

  • Comfortable – Unlike running shoes or sneakers, nursing shoes are not designed for running marathons, playing tennis, cross fit, etc., but instead they are designed to give your feet the arch support that they need to effortlessly navigate your 8-12 hour work days.
  • Nonslip – Most footwear designed for the medical profession is nonslip or slip resistant, a feature that can protect both you and/or the patients you’re moving and assisting from injury should you come into contact with a leak or a spill.
  • Easy to clean – Sports shoes/sneakers are often designed with shoe strings and small creases and crevices, which are perfect places for all the bacteria and body fluids that you come into contact with on a daily basis. Simply put, these are not the types of things that you want to bring home to your family. On the flip side, shoes designed for the medical profession in mind are designed with a smooth surface that’s really easy to clean simply by giving them a quick wipe down at the end of a shift with one of those purple “kill all” wipes.
  • Designed to Protect – Shoes designed for use in the clinical setting are designed to be comfortable yet rigid enough to protect your feet should you or someone near you accidently drop a sharp or other such object. This feature, combined with the ease of removal, is one of the reasons that the Croc and clog type shoes are so popular. They’re often constructed of thick leather or even rubber, which is a pretty effective barrier for most items that they might come in contact with.

The Best Part?

We have sales all the time, so be sure to check back often! Personally I’ve gotten in the habit of bringing more than one pair of shoes to work with me, just because I like to have the option of a second pair should my feet, hips, or back decide that they just agree with the style I’m wearing on that particular day.

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  • Tubes midsole technology
  • Lightweight
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  • Padded collar and tongue for comfort
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