Tennis shoes Warehouse Glen Burnie - Tennis Review

Tennis shoes Warehouse Glen Burnie

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I had bought a pair of boots from
Athletic Warehouse Outlet
46 Mountain Road
Glen Gurnie Md 21060
Date of purchase 1/4/12
Return 1/6/12
At no time did they say that I couldn't do a return and credit to my debit card from this return.
It doe not state anywhere in the store about the return policy "only" after you purchase do you see the "No Cash Refunds"
I would think in your stores there where be better notice of this NOT TILL You Buy and READ about the return policy on your reciept!!!.
I had to wait till the cashier finshed her lunch and she informed me this, then I asked to speak to the Manager. /sigh I then had to wait for her to come in store, from being outside with her working on her car.
I find this place
A person or custommer should have to go thru this treatment and the rudness!!!.
I will never go back to this store and I will also tell many mothers of this place and to stay away/!!! and the gift card, your not worth me even using it.

By Cathy O'Dell

Worst Customer Service!

My husband and I have never experienced such terrible customer service then what we did at this location. The manager should make the employees take a customer service class. Not only that, but the selection of shoes was minimal and what they did have, was expensive. We will NEVER go there again!!

By Anonymous

tennis shoes


tennis shoes

By ayanna powell

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