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Sports coat tennis shoes

A Sport Coat - How to in RaleighFirst things first, you’re probably asking why you should read this and how am I qualified to write on this sporty subject? Great question!

Well, I have 20 years of experience working in a corporate environment that demanded “corporate dress”. Corporate dress code involves a suit, tie and dress shoes; furthermore, business casual was expected after-hours…and to stand apart, I had to be bold with fashion and create unorthodox combinations. I’ve worked and lived in Manhattan, Los Angeles, Scottsdale, Mexico City, London and now Raleigh. I’ve been here going on 5 years and have watched the fashion trends in our fair city. So, that’s that…now let’s talk sport coats.

Raleigh is a relatively “laid back” town. Men are very conservative with their dress and I’m here to yell…”DO YOU WANT TO STAND OUT IN A CROWD”? If yes, turn to fashion…embrace it and have fun”.

A few notes on sport coats…

Men’s sport coats are similar to suit jackets, but can be worn on their own, with either dress pants or denim jeans, in a more casual fashion. Sport coats are tailored and typically feature two or three center buttons. Sport coats are ideal to wear to business-casual functions, or times when you need to wear something less formal than a suit. It seems that fewer and fewer men wear suits, but everyone still judges you by your appearance. In a business environment, the sport coat will give you a dignified, trustworthy look without appearing out of place. It’s extremely important to make a good first impression, and the sport coat is a sure way to do that. This versatile jacket will elevate you in your clients’ eyes whatever you wear it with (well, almost). If you’re not going to wear a suit, there’s simply no better way to dress respectably.

Buttons 101…

  1. Button the first two buttons on a three-button jacket; leave the last button undone to avoid a stuffy appearance.
  2. Button both buttons on a two-button sport coat. Unbutton the bottom button when sitting to avoid wrinkling the coat.
  3. Button just the top button of a two-button coat as another, more casual option.

Versatility. Versatility. Versatility– Wearing sport coats, however, does not necessarily mean owning a large wardrobe. Having the cornerstone in your closet of the blue or navy blazer, with this alone; you can create a huge variety of outfits for all manner of occasions. Jeans, slacks, khakis, t-shirt, polo shirt, dress shirt, tie, tennis shoes…options are endless. The sport coat is a remarkably versatile garment. It is the working man’s suit and the thinking man’s pullover and it guarantees its wearer a sharp, handsome look wherever you go. Men’s fashion rules are sooooooooooooooooo easy; men can ALWAYS look fantastic with a bit of effort.

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn”. Gore Vidal

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