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Signs you need New tennis shoes

5 Ways to Determine When You Need a New Pair of Mens SneakersThey may be dirty and a little smelly at times, but this does not necessarily mean that a pair of men ’ s sneakers needs to be replaced. There are better ways to tell if the shoe’s structure is breaking down (or has already) to the point where the sneakers are no longer useful. First, owners should know the different parts of a sneaker to be familiar with the terminology as they read on to the steps for determining replacement. The five methods for determining replacement are designed to help buyers know when to keep and when to toss. Next, tips will be given on how to increase the longevity of a new pair of sneakers. Finally, helpful shopping tips make finding replacement sneakers easier.

Anatomy of a Sneaker

In order to better understand how to look for wear and tear on a pair of sneakers, one must be familiar with the names of the different parts of the shoe. The following chart lists and defines these parts.

Shoe Part



The front part of the shoe in which the toes sit

Toe cap

Extra leather, rubber, or other reinforcing material at the very front of the shoe where scuffs and wear are common


The back part of the shoe in which the heel rests

Heel counter

A stiff form, often of plastic, that maintains the shape of the heel

Heel tab

A loop of material at the top of the heel that assists in pulling the shoe onto the foot


What is commonly referred to as the "sole, " this is the bottom surface of the shoe, which contacts the ground


The thickness or cushioning between the insole and outsole, visible from a side or rear view, sometimes measuring an inch or more


The inside horizontal surface of the shoe on which the entire foot rests


Everything below the foot (insole, midsole, and outsole)


Everything above the sole, covering the top and sides of the foot


The front part of the upper


The sides and rear portion of the upper

Ankle collar

The top of the shoe that encircles the ankle and is frequently padded


The flap that covers the instep of the foot, over which the laces are tied


The reinforced holes through which the shoe laces are threaded and tied

Additional terminology is used for dress and other types of shoes, but this chart features the essential parts of a sneaker or athletic shoe.

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