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Remedy for smelly tennis shoes

White tennis sport shoes get dirty faster, cleaning your white tennis shoes also helps reduce sweat odor, if you clean shoes regularly that increases their life too. The combination of sweat and dirt picked up while walking and running that makes your shoes smelly. This guide is about cleaning your white tennis sport shoes easily at home.

Step #1:

First, remove any dirt or mud clumps from your white shoes with a dry stiff brush.

Step #2:

Remove the laces. It is easier to clean and dry unlaced shoes, and the laces don’t always get completely clean if you leave them laced in the shoes.

Tip #1, Soapy Water:

Fill a sink with water. Add several cupfuls of dish detergent to the water and mix the water with your hand to dissolve the soap. Fully immerse the tennis shoes in the sudsy water and let them soak for at least 30 minutes.
Use a soft-bristle tooth brush to scrub the shoes. You can also scrub the inside of your shoes; the water and detergent will soften surface dirt while the shoes soak.

Drain the soapy water and refill your sink with clear water. Immerse the shoes into the clean water and swish them around to remove the soap.

Dry them in the sun if possible, otherwise, let your shoes air dry naturally.

Tip #2, Tooth Paste:

You can use tooth paste instead of detergent, Tooth paste works nicely but remember, tooth paste should be white in color, no pink or blue color tooth paste.

Follow the same method as above.

Tip #3, Dish washer:

I heard it that Dish washer also can be used to wash your dirty white sport shoes. If your shoes doesn't get damaged by water then you can put them in the dishwasher. Canvas shoes, sport shoes, sneaker, flip-flops, jelly shoes and rubber boots come out squeaky clean. But, make sure the heat dry is turned off. I have personally never tried it, so try them at your own risk.

Tip #4, Aspirin:

When you are trying to clean white tennis shoes in the washing machine, drop in one plain, regular aspirin tablet along with any detergent you wish to use. Your shoes will come out white and clean.

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