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Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams and Rachel Weisz are the three witches of Oz in the upcoming "Oz the Great and Powerful, " the prequel to the 1939 classic starring Judy Garland. The three ladies recently chatted fashion with InStyle for an interview and photo shoot, wehre they all talked about their favorite items of clothing.

Mila Kunis picks her Old Navy cargo pants from 15 years ago: "My friends hate them so much they hide them from me. When those pants fall apart, I swear I'm going to get someone to copy them for me."

Michelle Williams says it's her 10-year-old tennis shoes: "I've been wearing these black Converse sneakers for 10 years. Actually this is my second pair. I kept taking the original ones to the shoe-repair guy, and finally he said they were unfixable. I tried to make him understand they were holy."

Rachel Weisz's pick is a pair of Rag and Bone ankle boots, which aren't as old as the other ladies' choices, but they're just as important to her: "At this point, they're pretty much a part of my legs."

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