My tutus and tennis shoes - Tennis Review

My tutus and tennis shoes

After blogging about the upcoming race and talking about it to my friends and family the day had finally arrived! It was time to get Pretty Muddy. Again I made the hour drive to Dade City. Luckily I was just here last night so I knew where to go.

The race is at place called Little Everglades Ranch. The ranch is a beauty; a golden gem hidden off the main road. Upon arriving the first thing I did was check in. The check in process was seamless and fiasco free. The excitement start to well up inside. Grinning from ear to ear, I pinned my bib to my t-shirt. I was # 308. It was official. I felt so important to be at my first race. Next, I checked my gear in and got ready to have some mud kickin’ fun! One of the awesome girls, Jess, whom I met at the dinner last night was volunteering at the gear check booth.

Pretty Muddy is a women’s only 5k race with obstacle courses. It is not timed. A few weeks ago Courtney contacted me. They wanted bloggers to buzz about the event and spread the mud run fever. I was offered free registration for my participation. I’ve never done a mud run much less any kind of race. It was time to put my fear aside. Yeahhh baby! I was in.

I didn’t bring my camera on the course. I was afraid of dropping it the mud. There were photographers on the course and once they upload those photos I’ll post them. This way you will see how muddy I got.

I am going to give you a recap of what I experienced. Since I am going by memory I might get things out of order or miss something. If you would like to see what the course looked like visit Meghann at Meals and Miles. She took photos with her water proof camera.

The race is done is waves. I believe about every 30 minutes another wave of girls starts the course. My wave time was at 8:30 am.

First up- Running through bubbles! They wanted to get us psyched up. What can you not like about bubbles? Little did we know what lay ahead.

We all then came across a small pond. It was cold and my first instinct is to run around it not in it. Like a pack of wild horses the girls ahead of me splashed on through. What’s there to loose? I am here to be fearless and let go of my restraints. Onward march! Pushing any seconds thoughts aside I trekked through the water and came out with sopping socks. I could hear little squeaks as the water sloshed around in my shoes.

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