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High heels tennis shoes Sneakers

shell toesI love tennis shoes. My goodness, I love them so much. I have red ones, blue ones, running shoes, Chuck Taylors, green Roos, ones made out of recycled tires, ones with polka dotted laces, the list goes on and on. My first pair of ComedySportz sneakers were some bright white Run DMC shell toes with chrome details.

Now ask me how many pairs of high heels I have.

Maybe three? And I probably wear two of them. And by that I mean two shoes, a right and a left. Listen, I just don’t like my feet hurting me. They carry my body around on top of them all day long.red carpet sneakers And yes, they are hot-lookin’ and can really dress up one of my many CSz t-shirts, but no matter how dressed up I am, I’m not gonna look glamorous and fab if I’m hobbling around like Willy Wonka before he does that somersault trick outside his factory. I always said if I was granted three frivolous wishes (meaning I wasn’t allowed to wish for world peace and stuff), I would wish for 1) to be able to sleep anywhere and be comfortable, 2) to be able to do that rock-n-roll jump where you land in the splits, and 3) for every pair of high heels to feel like sneakers.

Three pretty great wishes, if you ask me.

20th Anniv. posterRemember when this happened?

When Kristen Stewart wore sneakers with her evening gown on the red carpet and everyone got upset? See, this is why I can’t 100% hate on Kristen Stewart. I feel this. This is my jam. Comfy shoes could mean the difference between me pouting about my stabby feet and cutting a might fine rug on a dance floor. YOU GO, BELLA SWAN!

So what is my point, exactly? My point is soon I will have to make some sort of important footwear decision. You see, ComedySportz Indianapolis is celebrating its 20-year anniversary with a big gala at the Athenaeum on February 9th. See below:

And people, the discussions are heating up. Our Facebook group is full of questions about dresses, hemlines, sequins, tux or no tux, date or no date, etc. I have a fancy dress. I feel pretty in it. I have a plus one. That’s nice. And it will be a fabulous night full of friends and laughter and food and family and oh-my-gosh-my-feet-are-going-to-be-killing-me.

I’m nervous about the shoes. Not the improvising. Not the awards ceremony. Or rapping onstage with Jon Colby. The shoes.

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