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is a series of LDS fiction novels written by Chris Heimerdinger and most widely read by young adult members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

There are twelve books in the series so far, with the thirteenth due to come out sometime next year:

  1. Tennis Shoes among the Nephites (1989)
  2. Gadiantons and the Silver Sword (1991)
  3. Tennis Shoes and the Feathered Serpent (1995)
  4. Tennis Shoes and the Feathered Serpent, Part Two (1996)
  5. The Sacred Quest (formerly Tennis Shoes and the Seven Churches) (1997)
  6. The Lost Scrolls (1998)
  7. The Golden Crown (1999)
  8. Warriors of Cumorah (2001)
  9. Tower of Thunder (2003)
  10. Kingdoms and Conquerors (2005)
  11. Sorcerers and Seers (2010)
  12. Drums of Desolation (2014)
  13. Thorns of Glory (2015?)

General synopsis[edit]

The main characters of the series are Jim Hawkins, his sister Jenny Hawkins and Garth Plimpton. Then later, his family and friends. The novels involve people from modern times being transported to the past (at various times and locations described in the Standard Works) by means of a cave in Wyoming called "Frost Cave" (a real cave on the Spirit Mountain in Cody, Wyoming) in the United States. They feature both Book of Mormon and Bible themes.

The first four books feature Jim Hawkins as the main character: first as a teenager, then as a young man in college and in the third and fourth as a father of three children.

  • In book 1, Jim, his friend, Garth, and his younger sister, Jennifer, discover a time passage and spend two months in the time of the Nephites, at the time of Helaman and Captain Teancum around 67 B.C.
  • In book 2 (Gadiantons and the Silver Sword), a few inhabitants of Book of Mormon times travel to the present day in search of an evil sword, the Sword of Coriantimur, an infamous sword that continuously pops up in the lives of the family, throughout many of the books. It ends with Jim destroying it, in modern times.
  • Books 3 and 4 are two parts of the same story, when Jim Hawkins' 16 year-old daughter, Melody, is kidnapped and Jim takes his other two children, Steffanie and Harry, with him to early first-century Book of Mormon times to rescue her. They are caught in the maelstrom of the Savior's death, while in the Americas and are there to witness Jesus Christ's coming to the people of the Americas after his resurrection. These are also the first books in the series to be written in somebody besides Jim's point of view. The 3rd and 4th books are written in dual person, about half in Jim's point of view and the rest in Melody's point of view.
  • Books 5–7 are another multi-part story, in which many members of Jim Hawkins' now-large family visit the land of Israel in late first-century Biblical times.

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