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Dry tennis shoes in oven

Tennis shoes are a smart choice.

If you're interested in learning how to dry wet tennis shoes, you'll find helpful tips here, as well as ideas for washing and stain removal. Did you know how many different ways there are to use household ingredients to clean your shoes, as well as techniques on drying your shoes more quickly when you are without a clothes dryer? You'll be surprised.

Drying Your Wet Tennis Shoes

Drying shoes in the dryer can be a risky proposition. They might make your shoes toasty dry, but they aren't the best way to keep your shoes in good form. Dryer heat can warp the softer parts of the uppers, and damage rubber and fabric if dried on high heat. Set your dryer on "low heat" or "delicate" for the right effect, or go without the dryer at all. If your shoes are particularly delicate or you don't want to use a dryer, you can fill the shoes with newspapers, cloth, or dry beans, which will absorb the moisture in your shoes. Change the shoe filling every few hours until the shoes are dry.

Consider these techniques when learning how to dry wet tennis shoes.

  • Let your shoes air-dry in the sunlight on a hot summer day.
  • Try the 50-50 method, in which you dry your shoes in the dryer to eradicate excess moisture, but then allow them to air dry to avoid warping or damaging your shoes.
  • Purchase a dryer rack to place your shoes in and allow air to circulate around them. It also keeps the tennis shoes from "kicking" open the door while circulating.
  • Toss a few clean, white towels in the dryer to keep the "thump factor" down.
  • Do not place your tennis shoes directly on or near a heat source to dry them, because that can shrink your shoes.

How to Wash Your Tennis Shoes

Now that you've figured out how to dry a pair of tennis shoes, start out by getting your stains out. Who wants to dry a pair of tennis shoes if they are still covered in scuffs and greasy marks? These tips will help you get those shoes clean.

  • Ivory soap (plus a little elbow grease) works well for shoes, and it's affordable.
  • Try a little oven cleaner to remove tar, paint, and scuffs, but be sure to wear gloves and avoid all skin contact.
  • Use whitewall tire cleaner to freshen up white tennis shoes, which can be found in the auto car aisle of a store like Wal-Mart.
  • Purchase a special "Magic Eraser" sponge, which just needs to be dampened and scrubbed on any marks that might be found along the sole and upper.
  • Greased Lightning has been recommended by shoe collectors and enthusiasts as a great all-purpose shoe cleaner. You can simply throw the shoes in the washing machine to remove any residual marks on the uppers.
  • White tennis shoes can be cleaned with Clorox Spray Bleach or a similar bleach product when you're in a pinch. Use caution around tags and marks that can become discolored with bleach. You can also mix a quality brand bleach with baking soda and scrub your sports shoes with a toothbrush before tossing them in the washing machine.
  • Shaving cream and a toothbrush can clean many marks on your active shoes, and it's one of the cheapest solutions you can use to clean your footwear!
  • Some people swear by bathroom cleaners, such as Scrubbing Bubbles, to make a pair of shoes whiter.
  • Window cleaner can be lightly spritzed onto a clean, white cloth and then rubbed onto the patent part of a tennis shoe.
  • Soak your shoes in a soapy water and oxygen-aided cleaner mix overnight to get stains out more easily in the wash.

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