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Can tennis shoes be repair?

shoe gooShoe Goo is one of those products that like duct tape have a multitude of uses. It can be used to glue separated shoe components together or as filler on worn tennis shoe soles. It is a good sealer for repairing waterproof fabrics and footwear. Shoe Goo has been repackaged for other uses, under the brand names “Sportsman’s Goop”, for sale as a waterproof seam-sealer, and “Shoemaker in a Tube”. Shoe Goo is particularly useful for repairing tennis shoes.

I have used Shoe Goo to repair tennis shoes and boots; it even worked to fix a hole in the floor mat in my car. It is a good adhesive and its uses are only limited by your imagination.

Shoe Goo is water resistant. You apply Shoe Goo directly to the surface to be sealed. It is best to use thin coats of Shoe Goo to build a thick coating on the surface to be sealed. Each layer should take 3 to 4 hours to dry. This works on smooth surfaces, such as plastic, glass or ceramic. Allow Shoe Goo plenty of time to thoroughly harden to ensure proper bonding and wear resistance.

If a worn shoe has a hole that goes all the way through the sole, tape over the hole inside the shoe before applying Shoe Goo from the outside. Don’t pack it in to tight; this will help avoid creating a bump. The tape should be removed from the inside and any bumps smoothed out before the glue has time to harden.

If you are repairing fisherman’s waders and foul weather gear, some have a water-repellent coating that must be removed before Shoe Goo will stick. Scrub the area thoroughly with detergent and allow it to dry. Roughen surface with a little steel wood before applying Shoe Goo. If the bond still pulls apart, try making the repair on the inside surface of the item, this is usually reinforced with fabric.

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