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Brooks tennis shoes for walking

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Podiatrist Recommended Motion Control,
Stability, and Cushioned Athletic Shoes

Generally speaking, there are three classes of athletic shoes: cushioned, stability, and motion control. The difference between the categories is the degree of emphasis that each places on biomechanical correction vs. neutrality. Cushioned shoes are soft and flexible, but provide only minimal biomechanical correction, while motion control shoes are much more rigid and guide the foot into a more orthopedically sound position. Stability shoes tread the middle ground and attempt to balance the two approaches to athletic footwear.

Brooks motion control shoes are orthopedically designed to meet the unique needs of walkers and runners with severe, , low arches, and . Brooks motion shoes are SADMERC approved for use as medical shoes and . Brooks stability shoes were created for runners and walkers with suppination problems, high arches, or minimal pronation problems. Brooks stability shoes are more flexible than Brooks motion control shoes, but still provide enough support to prevent stress injuries to feet such as and . Brooks cushioned shoes, also called Brooks neutral shoes are flexible, performance enhancing shoes designed for runners with healthy feet, normal arches, and a healthy runner's gait. Unlike Brooks motion control shoes, Brooks stability shoes and Brooks cushioned shoes are not SADMERC approved and are not recommended for athletes with very sensitive feet.

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Brooks Footwear Brooks Men's Addiction Walker Walking Shoe,Black,12 EEEE
Shoes (Brooks Footwear)
  • This shoes / sandals / boots style name or model number is Addiction Walker
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Measurements: 1 heel
  • Width: 2E

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