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Brooks tennis shoes for high arch


When it comes to running, finding the right running shoes can be a bit of a challenge. Finding something that gives you the support you need and will minimize foot and back pain is not always easy especially when you have high arches. With a high arch, the outside of your foot absorbs the most of the shock which can lead to foot, back, and knee pain.

With the right running shoes you not only find the support you need but relief from the pain you may experience when running. There are a number of different running shoes on the market and finding the right one may be difficult at first.

Brooks PureCadence 3

The Brooks PureCadence 3 is offered in both men’s and women’s sizes. They come in a number of different colors for both sexes. It is mainly a running shoe but also do work as well as a walking shoe for those that are not up to jogging or running yet.

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Pros: Good fit, light weight, comfortable, and stable

The PureCandence 3 offered the arch support that their customers were looking for. They found that foot pain was lessened and the shoe provides a comfortable run. The shoes are lightweight so they don’t throw off the runners gait and helps to correct pronation during their runs. The PureCadence 3 was used in both short and long runs by customers and on trails.

Cons: Toe box slightly too big and fit was too narrow

The main con that was found with this running shoe is that the toe box is slightly too big, though not so much that it causes blisters but the toes do move around more than was preferred. Others mentioned that the fit was too narrow and this may be due to the shoe not being offered in wide width.


The Brooks PureCadence 3 has reached its mark with customers. Offering a comfortable and stable run while reducing foot pain and support in the mid foot, which is need for high arches and earns these running shoe high marks. Whether customers were running for distance or short runs they found these running shoes to be what they were looking for.

Nike Air Pegasus +30

Nike is known for producing athletic shoes used by pro athletes of most sports and they have created a running shoe that appeals to both the pro runner and those just starting out. The Pegasus +30 comes in both men’s and women’s sizes and has easily enough become a favorite among them.

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