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Bella b tennis shoes

Given my preference, I would’ve slept for at least another hour. But because we planned to be on the road near 930am, I got up and out of bed near 730am. Downstairs I started some coffee then played around for a little while on the internet. Mindy said she wanted up around 730am so she could start pancakes and bacon. Can’t recall if she was up and downstairs on her own or if I delivered her coffee. Hmmm?

Expecting clouds, I was pleasantly surprised to see the skies were completely clear. It was chilly though, only 45 degrees. At the time only Olivia was awake and downstairs. She asked for some coffee. I made some but with mostly flavored creamer. She headed back upstairs to Bella’s room after a few short minutes. I headed off on my run around 810am. Because it was the weekend, I ran the usual 3 mile trail.
Back at the house Mindy was mid-breakfast. The bacon was done and she and Olivia were busy whipping up pancakes. Mindy had Olivia wearing Bella’s apron. Too cute! While Mindy put the finishing touches on breakfast, I added a few photos to my blog. After all the girls were fed, I enjoyed a couple pancakes and bacon. We sent Olivia upstairs to wake Jacob. He didn’t want to get up. I was off to the shower near 9am.

Jacob wasn’t too happy about the prospect of riding with a car load of girls to Skyzone. He pleaded with me to drive separately. Mindy, however, was having none of it. She was determined that we could all fit in the Pilot. Unless I’m mistaken, there were nine of us (Mindy, Jimmy, Jacob, Bella, Olivia, Lillian, Makayla, Alana, and Laurel). Two of the girls had to double-buckle. We left the house pretty much on target near 930am. Traffic was light around 270 but surprisingly heavy up route 23 north. Skyzone is up near Alum Creek, just south of Lewis Center Rd on the east side of rt. 23 in the Orange Point Business Park.

Our event was scheduled for 1030am but they requested we be there by 10am. As it was, we were there at 950am. Two more of Bella’s guests were already there with their moms waiting. While Mindy took care of the logistics I walked around scoping out the place. Pretty cool set up. Reminds me somewhat of Skate USA although cleaner, neater, newer.
For the sake of the trampolines, they require that all jumpers wear these special shoes, which look like rigid hi-top tennis shoes. All the girls were ready by 1010am but had to wait until 1030am to begin jumping. The plan called for one hour of jumping and then pizza, pop and cake in a private party room from 1130am to 1210pm.

They have three ‘jumping areas: an enormous primary jumping area, probably about 150’ X30’, a smaller jumping area about 50’X30’ used for dodge ball, and then a similar sized area where half is a foam block pit.

As soon as 1030am came the kids were turned loose in the main jumping area. Jacob stayed for just a short while before heading down to the dodge ball pit. I stayed with the girls taking photos and video. I was amazed watching Bella effortlessly bounce and fly around in there. She gets much higher than most others her size. Another unique feature of the trampoline pits are the walls, which are trampolines too.

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