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Baby Infant tennis shoes

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Most experts agree that barefoot is best. Newborn babies wear shoes for warmth or to complement an outfit. As your baby gets older, they will need shoes for foot protection. It is very important when selecting shoes for your baby that they are appropriate for their developmental stage and activity level. Remember all babies come in different shapes and sizes. They also develop at different rates. That's why the sizes among the stages overlap. Age is the best approximation for size.

When selecting baby shoes, keep in mind that baby feet typically perspire more than adult feet. We recommend shoes made of natural fibers like cotton or leather as the best materials. These fibers allow feet to breathe better then a man-made material.

Baby feet are constantly growing and developing. When purchasing baby, infant, or toddler shoes, they should always be comfortable from the start, flexible and properly fitting. No shoes should require "breaking in". As a general rule, foot growth should be measured every month for babies less than one year, every 2 months for one to two-year olds, and every 3 months for two to three-year olds. Do allow some room for growth when buying shoes.

Crib stage baby shoes are for newborn babies. Crib shoes need to be secure, comfortable and not too tight. They should be made from breathable materials such as cotton or leather. Crib shoes are available in sizes 00 to 2 and recommended for ages preemie to 6 months. Most often, newborn baby shoes are used to complement an outfit.

Crawling stage shoes provide protection for babies beginning to crawl and move around. These shoes are constructed of soft flexible materials for little ones who are starting to become active. Crawling shoes are available in sizes 0 to 3 and recommended for ages birth to 9 months.

Prewalkers or training stage shoes bridge the crawling and walking stages. Prewalkers are soft lightweight shoes with a non-skid sole guide for little feet as the child learns to walk. They are available in sizes 2 to 5 and recommended for ages 3 months to 18 months. See our Robeez shoes selection for your soft sole leather baby shoes.

Walking stage shoes are best when children are walking on their own and outside. They are comfortable and lightweight to allow for natural movement, yet provide support for balance. An important feature includes non-skid, flexible outer soles. Walking shoes are available in sizes 2 to 10 and recommended for ages 3 months to 4 years. Our Rileyroos shoes are perfect shoes for your little walker.

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