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Wilson WS tennis ball machine

Tennis Ball Wilson Tennis

The Wilson Portable Ball Machine also features:

Trajectory Control. Variable from groundstroke to lob so you can practice all the shots, including overheads.

Speed Control. Adjustable from 10 MPH to 75 MPH. The slowest speeds are useful for younger players. The highest speeds are equivalent to professional-level passing shots.

Interval Control. Sets the time between ball throws from one ball every 1-1/2 seconds for rapid volleys, to one ball every ten seconds.

Spin Control. Adjustable for flat shots, or for varying degrees of topspin or backspin.

Built-in Oscillator. Delivers balls either in one position, or randomly across the court so you can practice hitting on the run.

Battery Life.Three to four hours per charge. Enough for a serious workout. And if you do need more battery life there is an optional External Battery Pack (see Optional Accessories).

All-In-One Control Panel.All functions are controlled by a single electronic control panel. In addition to the control functions it includes a battery charge indicator, and an automatic time delay so you can walk to your playing position after start-up.
Click Accessories button on left for information on: Smart/Fast Battery Chargers, External Battery Packs, Protective Covers and more.
The Wilson Portable Ball Machine is backed by a three year warranty covering both parts and labor. Extended warranties are available. Warranties are issued by the manufacturer/licensee.

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