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Silent partner Lite tennis ball machine

The Silent Partner STAR and

I think it's always great to hear unbiased opinions and reviews but your post doesn't seem to fit in this category. 1st of all if you are so unhappy with your new machine, how much $$ do you want to relieve your pain?

I just purchased the SP Lite and can only agree with you on one point, just like everyone else. That being, the wheels (surprise). I agree SP dropped the ball on the wheel design. There are plenty of inexpensive common sense cures:
1. Furniture Dolly
2. Luggage Cart
3. Rolling Cart

As far as the weight of the machine, don't be ridiculous. This thing only weighs 38 Lbs that's less than a 2 year old kid. Of course any one of the three suggestions above will fix that for less than $45.

Don't get me started on the hopper! After all, what type of construction do you want for a no frills machine that delivers up to 95 Mph with Spin and costs less than $600? Like someone else commented, you must have not installed it with the metal pin connector on the bottom rear section. I've nailed the hopper plenty of times, I've seen no sign of even the slightest instability in the hopper. Make sure you check that next time you set it up.

Buyers remorse?

Well either you are unrealistic in your expectations, or you work for one of the other Ball Machine companies and you just want to bash Silent Partner.

As far as I've researched and seen for myself, SP is a stand up company that offers high end features at a very reasonable price. Isn't that what the general public is looking for when purchasing any consumer products?

I highly recommend the Silent Partner Lite ball machine over the other models they sell for the value and features. It is miles above the other companies all things considered (comparisons) especially price. It's really hard to believe that something so small can deliver so much power.

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AJC Battery Silent Partner Lite 12V 7Ah Tennis Ball Machine Battery - This is an AJC Brand® Replacement
CE (AJC Battery)
  • This is an AJC Brand® Replacement for a Silent Partner Lite Tennis Ball Machine Battery
  • Voltage: 12V (12 Volts)
  • Capacity: 7Ah
  • Terminals: F1

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