Dog tennis ball slingshot - Tennis Review

Dog tennis ball slingshot

Tennis Ball Launcher
Drill a hole through the ball. Drill the hole the sames size as your surgical tubing. For example, if you bought 3/8 surgical tubing, then you would dill the hole 3/8.

Cut and bend a coathanger in half, so it can fit through the hole you drilled. Push the coathanger throught the ball. Then fold a piece of the surgical tubing around the coathanger. Make sure that the piece you fold over the coathanger is just smaller than the size of the ball. Pull the coathanger back through the ball, and make sure the surgical tubing stays folded as you pull. Repeat this process with the other end of the surgical tubing. Not it will be harder to pull the second time around.

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Tennis Ball Slingshot
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