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Andrea Bagley
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STORM HUNTERS: Tennis ball-sized hail smashes storm chasers windshield in Texas

From dust storms to large hail and tornado warned storms, this year's chase kept the team busy once again.

"It was extremely scary as we lost the windshield in our car and I had glass in my lap, " Whittal recalls of one of their chase days in late May. "We filmed it all, but we were not expecting that core to be as powerful as it really was. I'm glad the side windows did not break as then I would have had tennis ball sized hail coming through my window and I could have been very hurt. We were all fine, but it was a scary few moments in time."

This was a LARGE hail stone that did this. #stormhunters @stormhunterTWN @MMillaire_MM

— Jaclyn Whittal (@jwhittalTWN)

"Everything but the tornado"

Despite a few frightful moments, this year's storm chase proved to be more challenging than others.

"This year's storm chase was one of those ones where you get everything but the tornado, " says Storm Hunter Mark Robinson. "We were hunting for the tornado just trying to get it, we couldn't get it, but we got the hail and I've been wanting to get a car trashed in hail for years...For me, even though we didn't get the tornado it was still an amazing chase year."

Captivating storms

"There was one storm one night, it was almost the very last night and I have never seen a more electrifying storm in my life, " says Robinson on what you can expect to see during this upcoming series of Storm Hunters. "The lightning was strobing and it was chasing us down the road. We had already trashed our car once and we were trying to keep ahead of this hail and keep out of it and we came very close. But I'm not going to let you know exactly what happened..."

And if these electrifying storms aren't enough to catch your attention, how about a 72 ounce steak?

Steak for days!

Under the peer pressure of Jaclyn Whittal, Robinson accepted the 72 ounce steak challenge at the Big Texan Steak Ranch.

"She challenged me to do it and there was no way I was getting out of it, so I did it and got through quite a bit of it."

How much you're asking? Tune into the Storm Hunter's premier this week.

Want to SEE more?

Starting on October 1, The Weather Network will be premiering new episodes of our original program, Storm Hunters.

Date Time Replay Time Episode Title Description
Into the Core Searching for wicked weather puts stress on Storm Hunters Mark and Jaclyn during their latest journey into Tornado Alley.
Tornado Terror On the last day of the chase, the Storm Hunters get shaken to the core by a giant, unpredictable, ferocious tornado.
Perilous Pursuit Tornadoes are indiscriminate - they grind up the earth, toss cars with ease, destroy homes and take lives. Most people run and hide in fear, but a select few chase them. Follow The Weather Network Storm Hunters as they reveal the danger of this Perilous Pursuit.
Nature's Fury The Storm Hunters journey through Tornado Alley during the most prolific and dangerous tornado season on record.
Monster Hurricanes The Storm Hunters dive head first into the most destructive and deadly hurricanes of the new millennium.
Best of Storm Hunters The Storm Hunters revisit their craziest chases and share some of the most amazing moments.

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