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The quality of tennis balls has a bearing on the overall performance of players despite expertise. Professionals like fast balls; they can generate great amounts of spin and power with them. Experienced tennis players place a lot of emphasis on ball response and generally depend on the tried and tested brands, such as Penn and Wilson. Despite lacking the same level of skills as the pros, amateur players also need good balls capable of superior flight, bounce, and spin responses.


Penn is one of the most popular tennis ball brands available on the market. The brand produces balls with good bounce that play well on hard and clay courts. The balls have deep elastic seams, durability, shock reduction properties, and are made of natural rubber. Penn balls must pass intense quality control tests. The manufacturer has contributed some revolutionary innovations like the pressurized can and fluorescent yellow tennis ball. The Penn Regular Duty Championship tennis balls offer a measured bounce, consistency, as well as durability. The manufacturer generally produces light balls with a distinct feel to them from the use of less felt than the average tennis ball. Professional and amateur players vouch for the court advantage offered by Penn variants.


Wilson is a household name in the field of tennis; the brand boasts official ball status for major tournaments hosted around the world. With Wilson, a player can expect extra-duty balls that come with a lot of bounce. The balls can play a crucial role in improving one's overall performance. They are well suited to different types of court surfaces but tend to perform better on hard surfaces. Wilson Double Core tennis balls are long lasting pressurized variants suitable for tournaments. An additional inner seal composed of butyl rubber prevents air from escaping and extends playable bounce to four weeks. The Double Core also features felt designed for various court surfaces.



Dunlop has been manufacturing tennis balls for over 80 years. The brand offers durability of felt and bounce, and the pressurized balls are suitable for major tournaments. The Dunlop Grand Prix Har-Tru balls come with remarkable firmness that produces excellent feel. The durability level of Dunlop balls is second only to the Wilson Double Core. Dunlop ball collections include Club Championship, Fort Clay Court, Fort Max TP, Fort Roland Garros Clay Court, Pro Tour, Tour Brilliance, and Tour Performance, among others.

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