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Bear claw tennis ball collector

The Features

The Bear Claw Tennis Ball Collector uses a camera with color tracking to locate the tennis ball. The robot then navigates to the tennis ball. A mechanical claw grabs the tennis ball and lifts it into an onboard basket. The basket is easily removed to allow for retrieval of the tennis balls.

The Features

  • Full armor plating
  • Our robot's structural frame is made entirely from 6061-T6 aluminum. This aluminum body fully protects the robot against any stray balls which might hit it on a tennis court. A 3/8" thick piece of cast acrylic provides a strong yet clear window for the camera to view through.
  • Removable basket
  • A large plastic basket allows for the robot to pick up lots of tennis balls before having to be unloaded.
  • Quick outdoor/indoor settings switch
  • Located inside the electronics component, this switch allows for different tennis ball color tracking based on inside or outside lighting conditions.
  • Wide angle of view
  • The camera is mounted above the robot allowing the robot to see tennis balls both at close range and up to several yards away. A servo mounted on the bottom of the camera allows for the robot to pan the camera rather than turn the whole chassis.
  • Controls panel
  • A panel on the rear of the robot provides easy feedback on the robot's behavior. The red LED blinks as the robot operates, the yellow LED indicates that a ball has been found, and the green LED indicates that the robot is aligned to grab the ball.
  • Quick access top
  • A lightweight aluminum cover mounted on hinges allows for easy access to electronics component. This provides convenience in reprogramming or fine tuning of the robot.

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