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Balls tennis Luxembourg

34-year-old Venus Williams is back up to No. 18. (AP Photo) 34-year-old Venus Williams is back up to No. 18. (AP Photo)

After beating Caroline Wozniacki to win Auckland, the 34-year-old Venus Williams said that winning is all the more special at this age.

The former No. 1 has won a handful of tournaments title in the past four years, winning Dubai in 2014, Luxembourg in 2012, and Dubai and Acapulco in 2009 and 2010. She now has 49 titles overall. "It's interesting to still be here, but it's a good thing, " the 7-time Grand Slam champion said.

"By the time you're 34, you have a lot of experience but if you can stay in shape, stay fit, still move, still hit the ball and don't have five kids at home, then why not? I have no kids, I can still move, hit the ball quite well, and I'm fast and I hit hard, so there's nothing holding me back from being here and doing well."

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