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Balles tennis Penn

Every tennis player needs them, but which ones to buy?

You may find Wilson and Penn tennis balls even at K-mart or local grocery store. But unfortunately, not all brands and versions of tennis balls are created equal.

Some knock-off brands at the Dollar Store may look fine, maybe works for playing fetch with Fido in the park...but for regular usage, I would stay away from anything labeled "Practice" or "Coach" as they are usually not pressurized properly and will get "bald" quickly - resulting in no spins or just plain sliding right through the court with funny bounces in between.

Tennis-Bargains Tip:

The Penn ATP and Pro Penn balls are another excellent brand for extended competitive play - especially during the summer. It still works well after a match as practice balls or for serving later.

Penn Championship Balls:

Lately, I've even noticed since Fall 2010 that the Penn Championship balls that Costco sells has a lot more defects and busted seams than is acceptable. In one case, I've seen as many has 1 out of 5 balls to be unplayable "duds". These originally were a good price, but lately the manufacturing quality has really gone downhill.

Update 2013-2014: The defect rate seems to have come down a good amount now for these Costco Tennis balls, and are actually a decent price.

Wilson Championship Tennis Balls

As an alternative, if you want to get some that are in the $1.50-$2 price range, I would opt instead for the Wilson Championship balls which can be found everywhere like Target or Walmart.

Types of Tennis Balls for different Surfaces:

for indoors and on clay surfaces(Green Cap / Red Text on Ball)
Here's more money saving tips for tennis balls

For players who play 2+ hours each time, I would personally recommend investing in some decent Tennis Balls

It also comes in a case size (24 cans)...which still comes out to less than $3/can for premium quality (nitrogen pressurized) tennis balls which will last you the whole season.You can get these Gamma Pro Tour Balls at $69.99 from Amazon with free shipping.

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