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Ball Magnet tennis Net

TENNIS - WIMBLEDONNo tools, LLC has launched the Ball Magnet, an almost invisible tennis net overlay that is said to capture over 80% of balls hit into the net.

Designed primarily for pros, Cardio tennis and for use with ball machines, Ball Magnet all but eradicates the nuisance of dealing with dozens of stray balls all over the court. As a result, on-court safety is improved with up to five times fewer balls all over the court. Fewer stray balls also translate into less disruption to play.

Ball Magnet also enables faster ball pick-up. Instead of having to zigzag all around the court to pick up stray balls, Ball Magnet helps concentrate balls 1-3’ from the base of the net and at the back of the court. As a result, players can quickly execute ball pick-up leaving more time for actual drills.

Ball Magnet was tested over the past summer season at the New Canaan Field Club in CT and has received strong reviews.

Len Samar, Director of Tennis at the club said, “It works really well for coaching and our Power Hours when we have a lot of people and a lot of balls on court. It’s also a no-brainer for safety.”

Ball Magnet is the brainchild of a New Canaan inventor and entrepreneur Mark Noonan. “I was frustrated by the constant interruption to drills and I took a bad fall a couple of years ago, ” he said. “What other sport puts up with dozens of balls getting in the way of the game and causing so many hazards? I figured there had to be a better way especially for coaching and group drills.”

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Sports (BallMagnet)
  • Ball Magnet Captures 80% of the ball hit into the net and retains them within 1-3 feet
  • Improved safety thanks to less stray balls on court
  • Faster ball collection
  • Great for group drills, cardio tennis, and ball machine use
  • Installs on any net in minutes

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