3D tennis ball Download - Tennis Review

3D tennis ball Download

Tennis Ball 3d model

Swipe your finger to hit the ball, it feels like playing real Tennis! Beautiful 3D Graphics, Realistic Physics, and Challenging Opponents make this the best Tennis game for mobile!

The harder you swipe the further and faster the tennis ball flies. So try to lure your opponents to a side with a short ball than swipe hard to take a shot to an opposite side. Use your skills to move the ball around the court to become a Tennis Champion!

Where you hit the ball in it's trajectory makes a difference to how fast it will travel. Try to hit the hight balls to play a fast tennis smash!

Play Tennis against three different AI opponents differing in difficulty. Novice opponent should provide little resistance and is perfect to get used to the swipe controls. Intermediate opponent is more of a challenging Tennis player. And Hard opponent really plays great tennis.

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  • Rated as popular sport game in Amazon ! Download it now for FREE !
  • Tennis 3D is a fun game and a time waster - it guarantees hours of fun for you or for your kids.
  • Beautiful 3D graphics, intuitive controls, and plenty of game modes make this the best tennis game for mobile!
  • Tennis 3D have 3 game modes which is memory, block and puzzle game.
  • More realistic and thorough experience! ! !
  • the tennis ball bounces differently, which gives you more realistic gaming experience!
  • Enjoy with your family and friends!
  • Thank You
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