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High School Tennis doubles rules

IMG_0071.JPGThis Tuesday’s Strategic Partnership: High School Tennis Coaches.

Below are 4 reasons why if you are a tennis pro, park and recreation association or community tennis association, you should be in contact with your local high school tennis coach.

1. They have access to a high number of high school tennis players, especially USTA Registered No-Cut Coaches. Here is a quick two minute video on No Cut Tennis Teams.

In Michigan, I know some coaches that carry more than 80 players on their squad. That means, if you have a program or event coming up, they can potentially market your programs to 80 high school players and their families (chances are some of those players have younger siblings and parents who play).

2. They have school contacts. All high school tennis coaches have to interact with their school’s Athletic Director. Some might even know the PE teachers and/or principles at the high school, middle school and elementary school. If they do, arrange an introduction and be prepared to offer the PE teacher something like a free day of tennis for their PE class. Offer the principle to come do free tennis during lunch recess on the playground (Lunch Time Tennis Video).. Either of these strategies make you visible to a ton of kids and offer a marketing opportunity if you have program flyers to pass out (always get your marketing materials approved by the school system first).

3. They may need your help. Some high school tennis coaches may want to encourage their players and younger children in the school district to pick up tennis during the summer. Due to some high school athletic association rules, coaches in certain states may have time ps when they are not allowed to coach players in the off season. Find out when those times are and offer to run something yourself to keep the players in the habit of coming out for tennis.

4. They want their players to improve. All high school coaches want their incoming players to have some basic skills and knowledge of the game. It allows them to focus on the tactical and strategic aspects of the game instead of teaching basic strokes. If you can create opportunities for younger kids to learn the basics, your local high school coach will be singing your praises and promoting your programs,

Today’s conclusion: Get to know your local high school tennis coaches! 8 states have a state high school tennis coaches association that you can join for a nominal fee (Michigan is $20) and receive a contact list.

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