2012 Tennis Summer Olympics - Tennis Review

2012 Tennis Summer Olympics

If you have talked to me in the last couple of months, you know that one of the highlights of my shooting the Olympics in London, was to get here and shoot center court at Wimbledon. Well...the other day, I made that happen and it was pretty awesome.

I shot images both at Center Court and also on Court 1, where lots of action was happening. This is a wide shot of Court 1 taken from high up in the stands. Unlike center court, this court does not have a roof that closes and we had some nice puffy clouds, so I wanted to grab a shot including the blue skies.
This is the Wimbledon grounds all dressed up in the Olympic colors.
I saw this and couldn't resist taking a shot of it.
The first match that I photographed, on Center Court was a women's singles game with Victoria Azarenka of Belarus and Angelique Kerber of Germany.
A great reaction from Angelique after winning a long rally.
I was intrigued by this ball girl, who was sporting a bleached mohawk, and thought that it should be photographed. I doubt that this would be allowed at Wimbledon in normal circumstances.
Victoria Azarenka excited about her great shot.
After shooting for while, I decided that I needed to get something different, so I slowed the shutter to get some movement of the racquet and ball.
Then I was off to photograph Serena Williams (who just won the Gold Medal) against Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark on Court 1.
Sometimes when she would win a good point, Serena would stare down the judge (or someone in this direction).
More motion blur.
Caroline Wozniacki finally won a game against Serena, and showed a great smile for the accomplishment.
When reviewing the images, I was intrigued by this photo. I happened to snap the shutter right as the ball impacted Serena's racquet. Look at how the strings of the racquet are concave from the force. Pretty amazing.
Woniacki serving...
After a really long rally, Serena smashed a perfectly placed ball and took the point. This was her reaction. Love it.
Here is a closer view (cropped from the image above).

Well...there it is. Now I can say that I have photographed a couple of tennis matches at Wimbledon. Another one to cross off of my photography bucket list. (And for those of you who do not know, I know that I am lucky to have this opportunity and do not take any of it for granted.)

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