2008 Olympic Tennis silver - Tennis Review

2008 Olympic Tennis silver

1996 Atlanta Olympics

7. 1992 – Tennis de la Vall D’Hebron, Barcelona, Spain. Surface – Red Clay

Barcelona falls low on our list of Olympic Tennis venues, because they left eight of their 17 courts unused during the tournament. The USA tied host Spain at 3 medals each, with the US earning two Golds. Today, the facility is open and accessible to the public and a popular spot for Barcelona’s tennis community.

2004 Athens Olympics

6. 1988 – Seoul Olympic Park Tennis Center, Seoul, South Korea. Surface – Neodex

The center court holds 3, 500 while the whole venue has a capacity of 10, 000. Team USA took home the most medals in the tennis event, winning 2 Gold, 1 Silver, and 2 Bronze. They were followed by Czechoslovakia with 3. Today, the Tennis Center continues to host the Korea Open, as well as some of South Korea’s Davis and Fed Cup matches.

Sydney Olympics

The venue hosted both Olympics and Paralympics tennis events that year and beats out Seoul for max capacity at 12, 000. It boasts a 7, 200 seat center court in addition to 15 other courts. USA tops the medal chart for the third Olympics straight and ties Spain in medal count for the second. However all of USA medals were gold. Unfortunately, the facility has since fallen into disrepair and was closed in 2007, but there are plans to try to restore it.

Center Court at the 2004 Athens Olympics

BeijingThe Centre housed 16 courts with combined max capacity of upwards of 15, 000 people. The center court was to hold 8, 600 spectators however only 6, 000 of those seats were sold to the public which drops it a little further down our list. For the first time since the Olympics re-introduced Tennis, the USA did not top the medal count, leaving with only a single silver medal won by Mardy Fish.

At the time of the 2000 Sydney Olympics, green tennis courts were still popular at major events.

The NSW Tennis Centre houses 16 courts in total, including 6 practice courts. The center court holds 10, 000 people while two additional courts hold 4, 000 and 2, 000 people respectably. Venus Williams led the USA to the top of the leaderboard, winning two Gold medals- one in singles and another in doubles with her sister Serena.

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