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2 piece Tennis Racquet stringing

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Part 1 of 3: Preparing the Racquet

  1. Find a suitable stringing machine. Many health clubs, sports stores, and gyms with tennis courts have string mounts they use to restring racquets at a cost, usually somewhere between $25-$50 a job. The machines themselves cost anywhere from $200 to several thousand dollars, depending on the quality.
    • If you play tennis several times a week paying to have $6 worth of string put on your racquet can start to add up, and you'll be able to recoup the savings of buying your own stringing machine relatively quickly. The Gamma X-2 is a common tabletop model, with a 2-point mounting system and drop-weight tension. It's the cheapest and highest-quality string mount for the DIY stringer.
    • If you play a few times a year, or only on weekends, it probably doesn't make sense to invest in your own string mounting system. Pay to have your racquet restrung when the strings wear out, or find one you can use yourself for free.


  2. Measure out the string. Start by cutting 35 to 40 feet (10 to 12 m) of new string off a spool.String a Tennis Racquet Step 3.jpg For a basic 95 square-inch racquet with a basic crossing pattern, you'll probably need about 38 feet (11.6 m) of string to finish the job. In general, it's better to have cut off too much and waste some than start with too short a piece and have to start over.
    • After you string up your racquet the first time, account for the extra you've used to tie the knots and cut a piece of the appropriate size for your racquet. Start with too much and hone in on your ideal string length.
  3. Prep the racquet for stringing. Use a sharp knife, cut the old and broken strings out of the racquet as soon as possible after you decide they're worn out, or one breaks.String a Tennis Racquet Step 4.jpg Start with the strings in the middle of the racquet and cut towards the outside strings.
  4. Mount the racquet on the stringing machine. Depending on the specific restringing machine you're using, the mounting process will be slightly different. Secure the head and the neck of the racquet in the designated mounting brackets and press down on the clamps to secure it firmly. Adjust the tension as directed.
    • 6-point mounting systems distribute the tension on the racquet more evenly, but whatever kind of machine you're using, you need to make sure the clamps are secured on the racquet. It should be tight enough to stay still when you shake the grip, but not so tight as to warp the frame.
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