10 Tennis Regulations - Tennis Review

10 Tennis Regulations

Regulation size tennis

10 Tennis will be hosting Boys & Girls 10’s, 9’s, and 8’s divisions as well as Co­ed 7’s.

Residence: All players 10 & under are welcome to play

Requirements: Players must know how to play matches and keep track of scoring. Proper tennis

Age Criteria: Players may play in an age group as long as their birthday happens after completion of the event. Note: if a player is 9 and their birthday is June 1 then they could play an event in February in the 9’s but would not count towards qualification for the year end championships since they would have to compete in the 10’s.

Balls: We will be using regulation yellow balls on full size courts

Scoring: 2 out of 3 sets regular scoring. Between the 2 minute break in which they may receive coaching. In the 7’s we will be playing 8 game pro sets with a tie break played at 8­8. During the feed in championships we will be playing 8 game pro sets regular scoring and in the 7’s one set.

Disputes: If a player feels they are not receiving correct calls then they have the option of calling an oncourt umpire which will stay thru the duration of the match.

Code Violations: Below are some examples of unsportsmanlike conduct that will result in warning, point, match penalties:

  • Swearing
  • Equipment Abuse
  • Multiple loud outbursts
  • Stalling
  • Coaching
  • Poor parent behavior

At the Tournament:

Late & No shows: If players are late checking in they will be assessed a 1 game penalty for every 5 minutes they are late. After 15 minutes they will be defaulted. The tournament director may make exceptions due to circumstances with proper communication. No shows for matches will be fined the amount of entry as opponent will be granted free entry into the next 10 Tennis event with that penalty fee.

On Court:

  • Warm ups are limited to 5 minutes
  • Server shall call out the score before each point
  • Line calls should be called audible or visual so an opponent can clearly interpret the call.
  • If a player isn’t 100% sure of a ball landing on their side then it is considered in
  • If a ball rolls into the court during play a “let” may be called. Court monitors may call “lets” too
  • 10 minute break and new balls between sets
  • Players make their own line calls.
  • Umpires and court monitors will only overrule if asked.
  • When a double bounce occurs it is the responsibility of the player whose side the ball bounced on to call a nod up, or double bounce.In between points players have 25 seconds and must play at the pace of the server in most cases.No coaching allowed except between 2 Players are allowed a 5 minute bathroom break during the match. As a courtesy this should be done during a change over or set break. In case of injury players have 5 minutes to get treatment. If more time is needed it is up to the discretion of the tournament director.

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