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10 step Tennis Tennant

徐sir的訓練日誌: 四月2015

I have watched the&nbspDVD and I really liked it very much. Great to see the different steps to develop a rally with a partner. Perfect way to learn kids the game !!

Louis van Rijn - Aalsmeer, Netherlands

10 Step Rally DVD

Players want to experience the game of tennis that they see on TV straight away and they want instant success. The 10 Step Rally DVD enables beginner adults and children to be able to do this by using fun, simple progressions whilst learning technique and tactics through teamwork and competitive play. Give your beginner players what they want and get them hooked, as they will experience the sensation of rallying and matchplay. Improve their sending and receiving skills and build confidence. You can teach technique and tactics at the same time whilst they rally. It's the ideal combination from both a player and a coaches point of view and the DVD also provides you with some simple but effective technical teaching points that all players will understand. I've found it to be a great confidence builder for my Tennis Xpress and Mini Tennis groups and I look forward to introducing these methods to my future beginner players. The DVD is very well presented with both picture and sound quality being excellent. I would highly recommend this to any tennis coach.

Michael Herd - North Wales

10 Step Rally

Delighted with the reviews and feedback provided thus far! I was the Film, Audio, Editor, Producer of the DVD and was thinking some comments from my side would be useful? When you purchase and watch this DVD you will immediately see a full broadcast quality film, consistently in focus with great audio and suitable via any platform to worldwide clients. Reduced down to 1080p/HD - buy the popcorn, set up your home cinema, relax and enjoy on a huge screen. That's the tech side! What is more incredible than the wonderful picture/angles/audio/editing etc etc is the connection between Mark and the players, the narrative and ultimately the information and how it's given which guarantees buy in. What is possibly more exciting is that this is the first of a series of DVDs all designed/delivered to help Coaches/Players and Parents. 'Receiving Skills' coming very soon.

Rob Smith - Bolton, England

Fantastic DVD! Gone are the days of kids in a line, hit one and go to the back of the queue. Consistency, control and rallying from the beginning with this method. I use parts of this dvd in every red group I have and am starting to use it more and more with the older children. I think the YouTube videos of adults learning through this method are excellent too. Can't wait for the receiving skills dvd to come out.

Michael Biggs - Billericay, Essex

The DVD is great, thank you. It is really nice to see the 10-step rally from the ITF Play Tennis manual demonstrated visually. I am waiting for your DVD on receiving skills to come out :) which I am sure will be very helpful for many u10 coaches and adult beginner coaches.

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