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Borg Tennis Australian Open

With such an unbelievable record, Bjorn Borg is definitely one of the all time tennis greats. Retiring young at the age of 26 with so many accomplishments begs the question: Was he the greatest player of all time? Here are some of Borgs stats:

US Open: 40-9
Wimbledon: 51-4
French Open: 49-2
Australian Open: 1-1
Average win percentage: 90%
Matches lost in grand slams: 16
Matches won in grand slams: 141
6 French Opens
5 Consecutive Wimbledon’s
3 French Opens and Wimbledon’s in the same season


Borg won an impressive 11 Grand Slams titles. However, Borg only played one Australian Open, which is the reason that he only played in 27 Grand Slam tournaments in total. Then, the Australian Open was played at the end of the season. The first year on tour, Borg competed in the Australian Open and then decided that a break prior to the new season was more important. Borg vowed never to play in the Australian Open unless he could win all four majors in one year – a Calendar Slam. It is likely that had he played in the 8 Australian Opens during his career, he would hold many more Grand Slam titles.

Borg has five consecutive wins at Wimbledon. This record has yet to be broken, but is shared with Roger Federer. However, Borg also has six French Open titles. In my opinion Borgs most impressive achievement is winning back-to-back French Open and Wimbledon titles on 3 separate occasions. Winning the French and Wimbledon in the same year is extremely difficult because of they are played on totally different surfaces just a month apart. The surfaces are not as different nowadays because of the grass courts playing much slower.

Borg’s career was relatively short, walking away from the game age 26 after the US Open in 1981, making his career a total of nine years on the circuit. Borg was still in top shape when he retired, with a stunningly low resting heart rate of 35 beats per minute., in 2008, asked tennis analysts, former players and writers to build the ideal Open era player. Borg was the only player mentioned in each category: defense, intangibles, mental toughness, physical fitness and footwork. Borg was singled out as having the best mental game and footwork in Open era history.

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