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Walker tennis shoes

Propet Travel WalkerWhen Planet Shoes approached me a few weeks ago about reviewing some aimed at female travelers, I’ll admit that I was a bit skeptical. After all, my Nikes and Converse All-Stars have served me well over the past few years, and I hadn’t really thought about replacing either pair as my go-to travel shoe.

But I went over to the site to check out the anyway, out of sheer curiosity.

And I’ll admit I was surprised to find that I really liked what I saw.

These lightweight, breathable tennis shoes come in 9 different colors (from subdued navy blue to shocking orange), are easy on the eye, and have fairly good reviews from women who have bought them. I decided to give them a try after all.

I’ve been wearing these shoes since they came in the mail not long ago, and I’ve decided that so far I really like them. Here are some of my initial impressions:


I’m not exactly what you’d call a fashionista by any means, but I do really, really like my shoes. I refuse to wear ugly things on my feet, no matter how comfortable people claim they are (*coughCrocscough*), so I’m happy to say that the Propet Travel Walker definitely earns points in the looks category. Even on my size-8 feet, the shoes look small and narrow, and I love the fact that it has an adjustable elastic system in place of traditional laces.

Propet Travel WalkerAnd with the 9 different (and mostly bright) colors to choose from, they can make a great fashion statement, too, if you’re into that.


The shoes fit true-to-size, and the “regular” width is just perfect on my feet — I even have wiggle-room in the toe area, despite the shoes themselves actually appearing pretty narrow.

They also come in a wide width.


The first day I had my Propets, I decided to wear them around the house to break them in — usually new shoes require this in order for them to be really comfortable. But it wasn’t necessary at all with the Propets. The flexible mesh body and padded tongue and collar mold to your foot almost immediately.

Propet Travel WalkerThe pair of light-blue Travel Walkers I got have a mesh body that’s extremely breathable, too. Walking in them on a windy day like today, I could feel the breeze on my toes, which was refreshing — I hate when my feet sweat in shoes.

And, when it comes to arch support, these shoes do have a bit. Not a ton, mind you, but enough that I feel like I would be able to walk for quite a while in them before my feet would start to hurt.


Thanks to their light weight (seriously, these are the lightest tennis shoes I have ever owned) and the fact that they’re quite flexible, these shoes would be very easy to stuff into a backpack or suitcase — which is precisely why I’m considering taking them with me to Europe this summer.


At a regular price around $50 USD a pair, these shoes aren’t exactly cheap. But the price is comparable to what I paid for my Chucks and Nikes, so I really can’t categorize the price as a negative.


And the best part about these shoes (other than the fact that they weigh next to nothing)? They come with a 1, 000-mile/6-month sole wear guarantee. I don’t know many shoe brands that offer that.

Would I recommend them?

In short, yes, I would recommend the as a travel shoe for women. They are cute, comfortable, light-weight, and reasonably-priced.

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  • Allows walker to glide easily and smoothly over most surfaces
  • Fits all size tubing; Knob turns on bottom of glide for different tubing diameter
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