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Tennis Shoes India

There are few sports that rival tennis for the speed, agility and endurance required of players- and their equipment. You can have an excellent serve and a great backhand although without the proper Tennis Shoes India you are working from a deficit from the start. A good tennis shoe can handle the constant movement, the back and forth to the net, side-to-side court coverage, running, jumping, lunging and the quick pivots that come in a tennis match.

Tennis Shoes India are designed with extra lateral support to endure the rigors of the game's frequent lateral movements and quick stops and starts. Finding the right shoe can be difficult given the wide selection available. One should consider the style of tennis that you play, the type of court that you usually use and what your foot type is before you make your final Tennis Shoes Indiaselection.

iTennis offers a wide selection of Tennis Shoes from a wide selection of manufacturers. We carry Wilson Tennis Shoes, Head Tennis Shoes, Babolat Tennis Shoes, and Asics Tennis Shoes. The Tennis Shoes are available in India on iTennis to suit every need. You will find Tennis Shoes on discount, relatively cheap in cost and at a rate which is affordable and lowest. You will find the lowest price online here at iTennis. The easiest way to buy Tennis Shoes Online in India.

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Babolat Babolat V-Pro 2 All Court Womens Tennis Shoe (9)
Sports (Babolat)
  • Babolat V Pro 2 All Court is now in a classic new white and blue color
  • excellent OCS outsole made by Michelin to provide enhanced traction without sacrificing durability
  • Average weight: 12.6 oz. (Size 8.5)
  • Midwest Sports only ships Babolat products to domestic addresses in the U.S. and U.S. Territories.

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