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Big tennis shoes Slippers

I hate putting on shoes and socks and pretty much always did, even when it wasn’t like trying stick a potato in a thimble. So I began my search for easy shoes that I could wear when I needed to wear shoes — in other words, any time I was going to a meeting or an event that required me to iron my pants.

I tried black velcro tennis shoes, I tried various regular “shoe-looking” slippers. In both cases the act of putting them on turned into a contortion act. Even with a long shoe horn, the problem was getting the heel into the shoe. I decided to try really big regular shoes too, and while that made it easier to put them on, it wasn’t comfortable and I was having trouble keeping them on my footplates. The other problem with regular shoes is that you have to wear socks or else your feet sweat and chafe and putting on socks is about as easy for me as doing a jumping jack. Lastly, since it is much easier for me to drive without a shoe on, it’s not easy to deal with putting a regular shoe on/off every time I get in and out of the car.

Ugg Scuff Finally I found the UGG scuffs and have never looked back. They are great for so many reasons:

1. They slide on easily.
2. The inside is a soft and fluffy feeling like your toes are on a cloud.
3. They are durable.
4. You can throw them in the washer and dryer and they’re like brand new.
5. If you wear long enough pants you can get away without wearing any socks whatsoever if the pants cover your heel.
6. They are comfortable in winter and in summer.
7. They are very light.

The UGG Scuff is a little on the pricey side but I have gotten 2 years of DAILY use out of my scuffs and they’re still going strong. Definitely worth the purchase.

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