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Utah tennis ball machine

10 pool, indoor walking track

Welcome to Tennis in Utah. Learn to play tennis the right way the first time. Learn from a team of great Tennis Professionals: over 100 years of combined coaching tennis experience!

We are a brand new premier tennis club with six indoor and five outdoor courts. The club also offers a full fitness facility as well as three swimming pools.

Hard to believe that summer camps are around the corner and that summer adult league has started when the weather feels like February!!
The outdoor courts are ready for play and we hope to see you on the courts this summer once the rain stops.
We wish you all a great summer.
Please read our Junior policy and procedures to get a full understanding.

MORE TENNIS LESSON ARE BETTER? We have often heard that more lessons are better. This comes from well intended parents, but that will not help much if that is all the player does. You can save money and become a better tennis player if you have a "balanced schedule:

Lessons: Groups and Privates . 25%
Practice Play: Sets, ball machine, serves, directed points .30%
Physical: cardio, Strength, speed, nutrition, sleep .25%
Tournaments: Competition . 20%

Most of our players only participate in tennis lessons. As a result their achivements are limited and do not reach their full potential - Only reach 25% of their potential!!
We encourage you to spend the time to practice on and off the court in order to get ready for competition in addition to your lessons. Lessons are necessary in order to get good technique, application and understanding.

ATTENTION - We are a private club and in order to reserve a court or join our programs you must be a member of Ivory Ridge Tennis Club. We would love to have everyone join our club. We do allow non members for 2 specific programs: Tennis USA (adult beginners) and the Pee Wee's for beginners (age 4-7). We have a variety of options to become a member. For more information...

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