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Tennis ball machine Reviews

Double happiness for bulk

Free UPS Ground Shipping in the contiguous U.S.
(Lobster ball machines are custom made to order.
Please allow 10-14 days for shipment.)

The Lobster Elite Model 3 has this additional features over the original Elite Model 1 and Elite Model 2:

  • Dual Two-Line Oscillation: The Lobster Elite Model 3 can simulate match play with triple oscillation combined with two versatile, pre-programmed options for narrow and wide forehand and backhand sweeping shots. No other machine on the market offers the two-line feature with triple oscillation.
  • Triple Oscillation: While almost all machines sweep randomly left to right, this model oscillates vertically, giving you short/deep shots in a random pattern. Practice lobs, volleys and groundstrokes randomly. This combined with existing horizontal and vertical oscillation allows the user to his balls throughout the entire court - left, right, short and deep. By challenging all of your strokes these three oscillation options take battery ball machines to the next level.
  • Vertical Elevation Indicator: Players can now easily dial in their favorite elevation settings and see their shot height. This allows for quick and convenient setup.


  • Faster Charger (1amp) Charge the Elite model 2 in only 3-9 hours and ensure the battery is never overcharged with trickle charge technology. See below to purchase.
  • Premium Fast Charger is a 3 amp charger allowing you to re-charge the battery in 1-3 hours. This new charger may also be used to power the machine during play but will not charge the battery at the same time. PLEASE READ: IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION
    **This item ONLY ships via UPS Ground:

    The shipping charge for this item is $FREE.
    This item CAN NOT be shipped internationally.
  • Specifications:
  • Court Time: 4-8 hours
  • Speed: 10-80 mph
  • Spin: Heavy top/backspin
  • Sweep: Random, left to right oscillation, striking six separate spots on the court
  • Ball Capacity: 150 balls
  • Feed: 2-12 seconds
  • Elevation: Electronically controlled
  • Weight: 42 lbs.
  • Remote: optional
  • Fast Charger: optional
  • Warranty: 2 years

Elite Model 1, Elite Model 2, and Elite Model 3 features:

Designed for maximum durability to meet the most demanding players needs. The Elite comes with a two-year warranty including parts and labor. Our standard 4-6 hour battary playing time and convenient battery life indicator makes travel and play easy anywhere anytime. The Elite's ergonomically designed oversized wheels and handle were created for easy transportation, while the hopper stores in a reverse position to fit in your car's trunk.

Every hour of play dramatically improves fitness levels and conditioning with our random horizontal sweep. 2-12 second ball feed and spacious 150-ball capacity. By hitting 750 balls per hour, you'll condition, strengthen, and improve your health siginificantly.

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