Dog ate tennis ball fuzz - Tennis Review

Dog ate tennis ball fuzz

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  • Specially made "pet" tennis balls
  • Pressure-less, resistant to "popping"
  • Thick, natural rubber internal membrane
  • High quality felt, dog friendly

We want our dogs to have the best and these are it! Tuff balls for dogs are specially made indestructable "pet" tennis balls are pressureless, making them resistant to "popping". Even if your aggressive dog manages to get a fang into one of these balls, it will still bounce and play just like new. The membrane inside is made of all natural rubber and is thicker than any standard tennis ball. Unlike a standard tennis ball, tuff balls for dogs don't have sand in the rubber which will greatly reduce the wear and tear on your dogs' teeth. The felts are 100% non-toxic polyester and are not abrasive unlike nylon felts.

Medium hollow core 1.8" dia. 0.8 oz. Standard 2.5" dia. 2.5 oz. Softball 4.0" dia. 6.0 oz.

We recommend any tennis ball be used under adult supervision. There is always a chance, with our creative dogs, that a ball is accidentally ingested. While the felt is digestible, the ball itself would be a nasty obstruction.

Most pet toys use low cost, standard pressurized tennis ball "seconds". Tuff balls for dogs are not the usually used rejects that tennis ball manufacturers decide are not good enough for tournament play. If not seconds, the balls are usually cheap tennis ball "look alikes" imported from China or Indonesia.

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