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Coloured tennis balls

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Coloured tennis balls
and two colour balls

Personalised Balls,
Personalized Balls for:
Presents, Gifts, Prizes.
Ideal for Club & Charity fund raising

The only ball maker in the UK and Europe. Tennis Squash and other balls since 1936.
All other balls are imported, made down to a ‘price point’. This is not what we do, We concentrate on Quality, Specials, Top end products, and Personalized balls
The ball developer for the Sports Associations, Tennis, Squash, Racketball and Fives.
The larger Magnum type 3 tennis ball for the International Tennis Federation, became the World Standard
The larger and lighter Red 75mm ball for the Lawn Tennis Association, for Mini Tennis.
Official balls for The England Squash & Racketball Assoc for ‘Mini Squash’.and Racketball .
Tennis balls in WHITE, PINK, Blue, Black, ORANGE, GREEN, Yellow, (of course) and two colours, and personalising them for individuals and companies.

Not only the UK ball producer we are tennis ball stockists, ball suppliers, UK supplier of tennis balls, uk, making and supplying, tennis balls in bulk, loose, and canned tennis balls.
High quality balls for personalising, and tennis promotion
Tennis ball keyrings,


No need to ask where is the best place to buy tennis balls Buy from the MANUFACTURER .
Also providing: tennis ball branding, company branding on tennis balls, high quality balls in white, pink, orange, blue, green and other colours.

Not used at Wimbledon because

traditionally only balls

been used since 1908.

White tennis balls, Green tennis balls, Blue tennis balls

Orange balls, Two colour tennis balls and Scented tennis balls,

J Price has been making balls of all kinds from 1936

Orange tennis balls, Green tennis balls, Blue tennis balls, Black tennis balls, Black and white tennis balls, Black and yellow tennis balls, Red tennis balls, Pink tennis balls, two colour tennis balls, mini tennis balls, balls for mini tennis. tins of tennis balls, canned tennis balls, tennis balls in 3 & 4 ball plastic containers, junior tennis balls, tennis balls for beginners

Tennis balls for Clay and slow courts,  made in England Tennis balls, for fast courts,coaching and social play International tennis players of yester year

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  • Use some bands add some more!

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