Catapult that Shoots tennis balls - Tennis Review

Catapult that Shoots tennis balls

All the impressed Dads that

Wow, where's everyone else ?
this is cool, and smart, unlike the other clips that has people attemting dangerous stunts, lol :D

that looks like petrol, soap flakes & battery acid to me! a la molotov cocktail sytlee?

thanks for the back posts! i love webmasters who hear the people and give them what they want, it's just too rare.

thats a cool catapult they've made. if you want to see something cooler you should check out what firemen use on grass fires to control them. they use these cool cannons that have balls similar to paint balls in them that are filled with flammable liquid that ignites on impact. often times these are mounted on helicopters and the firemen can fly around shooting their "fire balls" down onto the hills in an effort to control grass fires. (suffocating and directing the flames)

That was awesome!! I love the affect that it had!! And I loved all the clips! That was a great break from work! lol...

Steve, your the man! How did you get them to do all of that For you?! I think they should dedicate something to all the regulars on here! lol... That was awesome!

Thanks for putting these on but who the heck is steve?
I agree w/sunshine what about the regulars on here.MAN I would love to have something like that in my backyard.

HA, I like that one. Notice the fuel can to the right of pile, next to tree. The way it "poofs" when ignited must be gasoline. You would never want to stand there and try to lite that pile with matches. Ooo noo I just notice some thing.that clip is a can see where they made the cut.

Steve made my day, we want 6 clips a day everyday! Although one clip a day here is still good.

sweet clip :D
hey, everyone

Only you can prevent forest fires.


I believe Steve is a clipaday regular who goes under an unidentified alias and was upset that Mr. Clipaday went on vacation over the Thanksgiving Holiday. In return Mr. Clipaday complied in good faith with the outcries of his fellow Clipadaywarriors by making good on the Clip A Day name by publishing the back posts. That's my take anyway.

this is how to make a fire

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