Cat with tennis ball on Head - Tennis Review

Cat with tennis ball on Head



I guess my story starts out like this. I had no clue I had a Brain Tumor, I started loosing strength in my right side and having balance issue about a year before I received the news. I didn’t think much of it a the time but started to just learn to deal with it.

What lead to the discovery of my tumor was I was a a Masonic event and I had a seizure. I was rushed to the hospital and a Cat scan/MRI was done and there was this dark shadow that appeared on the scan, The doctors realized I had a brain tumor . The tumor was connected to my main brain stem and pushed its way up. After spending a few nights in ICU I was told the news. The tumor was about the size of a tennis ball.

My mom lost it. The doctor said it was a slow growing tumor and I probably had it for years. Well the day cam for my surgery. September 13th 2014, yep I had Brain surgery on Friday the 13th, at CMC Main in Charlotte NC. they told my family it should be about a 5-7 hour surgery. 12 hours later they told my parents I was in recovery but they couldn’t get it all and will need another surgery. What happened the tumor wrapped its self around a bunch of nerves. So surgery number 2 came 5 days later. Again they tell my family 5-7 hours and yet again another 12 hours. So a total of 24 hours in my head and they still couldn’t get it all.

They left 5 percent still connected to my brain stem. after spending 3 very long weeks in the hospital where I got a staff infection and blood cots I was moved to rehab to relearn to walk and gain my strength back. The doctors told my family I would be there for 2-3 months. With my willpower and the power of prayer and of our Lord God and the help with a walker I walked out in just 11 days. I have much more to say but not the space for it. It has been a long journey and I thank God for allowing me too keep traveling on the level of time.

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