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CA Cricket tennis balls : Ca Mani Tennis

* No Uniform enforcement on participating teams
* Schedule to keep you busy through the season (22 to 26 scheduled matches). No need to spend extra time on match solicitation tasks.
* All teams irrespective of their performance play almost equal number of matches
* Initial seeding will consider your performance in any of the events held in 2005 season
* 7 or more league matches to start the season and to rank member teams. Two separate knock out tourneys with initial group round robin for higher and lower ranked teams under good playing conditions (in mid summer). A Knock out tourney across the group to end the season.
* $ 150 registration fee for 2006 season ( $50 for 5 boxes of balls, $ 50 as a participation guarantee fee and $ 40 towards insurance )
* All surplus amount from annual fee returned back to member teams. No donations to any charities.
* Democratic approach to change rules as well as to resolve team conflicts. All teams are equal.

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CA Ca "Mani" Tennis Cricket Ball,3 Pcs Pack,brand New
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