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Tennis Ball Machines are the ideal, reliable partner for beginners and experts alike – and they’re available whenever you are.

Beginners benefit from the repetition, precision, and consistency of ball machines. The repetition develops basic skills and muscle memory – essential building blocks for a developing game.

More advanced players can take advantage of a long list of available features. Spins, strokes, high speeds, programs, randomization, and a host of other specific attributes are designed to challenge the skills of even the game’s elite athletes.

Do you need a machine you can take to and from the court?

Some machines are built with mobility in mind. Attributes like compact designs, built-in wheels and handles, and lightweight materials make machines easy to take from your home to the trunk of your car to your court of choice.

Because not all courts have plug-in power sources, most of the machines designed to be portable can run on rechargeable batteries. Others are available with a combination of battery and AC power; this option usually comes at a slightly higher cost.

Does your court have a power source?

AC-powered machines are ideal for permanent spots on courts with handy power sources. They offer limitless, consistent practice sessions without the hassle of recharging. Because AC-powered machines are often built for this situation, they are often larger and heavier than battery-powered machines and more difficult to relocate.

If your court does not have a dependable power source, or if you are planning on bringing your machine to different courts, you should look for machines that run on battery power. Battery-powered machines have two disadvantages; they operate on a limited time frame (which can range from 2-8 hours) and decrease in effectiveness towards the end of the battery’s range.

AC/DC-powered machines offer the best of both worlds, with AC capacity and battery backup for courts unequipped with power sources. This combination often adds to the cost of the machine.

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