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Bjorn Borg signed tennis ball

Did you know that Bjorn called up Roger and thanked him when Roger beat Pete Sampras in 2001 Wimbledon?

Here’s a recent interview with Bjorn Borg. In this interview by Tennis magazine, Bjorn talks about the thought of selling his trophies, Roger-Rafa rivalry and more. Nice read…

MS – I saw you at Wimbledon, hugging Federer. You seemed happy and easy-going, quite different from the Ice-Borg image everybody had of you – but I was also puzzled about why you seemed to root for a fifth Federer title, since Nadal, whose play makes him a natural heir of yours, could also equal your Wimbledon-Roland Garros combo record. Borg_2

BB – I was not rooting for anyone in particular, I was hoping for a great final and I knew it would be a great match because every time they play against each other they bring out the best. They have completely different styles, they are the two best players in the world, they have a great rivalry and their matches are always great. I enjoy watching Nadal a lot and both are nice, but I said before that it could’t happen to a nicer person if Roger would equal the record. It is a difficult record to beat, but I was hoping Federer would do it.

MS – When Federer beat Sampras in 2001, you called him, thanking him for preventing Sampras from matching your Wimbledon record. But now you wanted him to equal you?

BB – It’s funny, because I didn’t think of that when I called him back then. And then there I was (at Wimbledon), thinking, “This was the guy I called before and thanked him, and now he has the chance of equaling the record”. That first time I called Roger because he was coached by Peter Lundgren at the time, a very close friend of mine. Federer had the chance to do it this year and he did it. But even Nadal… he was a little bit unlucky, he had a good chance to win and if I have to pick someone to win next year, I pick Nadal. He is the player who can win both on clay and on grass.

MS – Have you been watching all their matches? Can you explain why Roger seems to play under his best when he meets Rafa? For instance, at the Wimbledon final, he only seemed to release himself after that double 15-40 scare in the final set. . .

BB – They have a lot of respect for each other, and Roger knows he has to play his best against Nadal. It’s a different mental aspect for Roger, because Nadal is such a great player, young, strong and it is very difficult to beat him. They both respect each other on and off the court. It’s tough for Federer to face Nadal, but still you see great tennis and that’s the most important thing and the reason why I enjoy watching those guys.

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