3D Max tennis ball tutorial - Tennis Review

3D Max tennis ball tutorial

Hi guys, in this 3d modeling

In today’s awesome tutorial, we show you how to make the most of the amazing Rayfire plugin for 3DsMax, by destroying a pane of glass in a very sci-fi themed way!

Let’s get started!

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Here is another tutorial for you regarding 3D Studio Max series.
It is a video tutorial in which you are going to make a greenish Tennis Ball. Simple but useful, you will learn Spherify, Editable Poly, Mesh Smooth etc. techniques.

submitted: 4 years and 103 days ago

Today we are going to tell you some techniques in which you can add some Visual Effects in your Scene, like Glare, Lume, Night Effect etc. using 3D Studio Max.

It is a video tutorial and having some useful techniques, hopefully you will like it.

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This tutorial is a modeling tutorial of how to model an F 16 Fighter Jet as you can see in the final result.

The extra fuel tanks and missiles are not explained, but you can purchase the final model online at the end of this tutorial.

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Hi guys! This is a video tutorial series by Mattias van camp covering the modeling workflow of a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, with some additions.

Over the course of 9 videos in total we will explain to you how to get started, prepare to get to the modeling, what to look for and what to watch out for.

We will be giving a lot of general tips, and some of those we will be repeating a lot. That's because they're so important.

Let's begin!

submitted: 4 years and 115 days ago

In this Video tutorial for 3DS Max 2010, we’ll start talking about how we can use Hair and Fur module to create hair stuffs.

We’ll follow some basic steps to understand how we can create hair just over some polys, and then we’ll see how to control hair density, length, shading. We’ll add some splines, and we’ll follow right pipeline to use multiple splines as hair guides, and we’ll see how to control it in real time to adjust the hair look.

Then we’ll take a look at various parameters to control the stylish, the color, and how to add more chaos and realism to it, as mutant color variation, frizz, kink and multi strand effect. Just to finalize this tutorial, we’ll see a little bit of lighting and rendering parameters to understand how to create shadows and how to optimize global illumination look over the hair.

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